Think Points was founded by Simon Hendery.

Simon has more than 25 years’ experience in a broad range of media, content and marketing roles including working as a daily news journalist, on specialist B2B industry publications and in PR and corporate communications.

A coder from back in his teen years (when they were known as programmers), in 1988 he enrolled in the artificial intelligence stream of what was then a brand new computing and mathematical sciences degree at Waikato University.

Simon later ditched a potential career in AI, instead choosing journalism. (Probably not a financially clever move given the present demand for AI experts.) He maintained his professional interest in technology, however, with roles including IT editor for New Zealand’s largest newspaper, the NZ Herald, and researcher manager for a leading tech sector industry publication, the TIN100 Report.

Today, while we wait for the robots to take over, Simon enjoys expanding is knowledge of ServiceNow and the latest marketing practices, especially through HubSpot.

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